Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lots Of News!

I've been studying very hard. There only 23 days left until the Bee officially starts! I'm working on the CWL out loud with my dad, and I'm also studying words from languages that have uncommon spelling patterns, such as Hindi, Gaelic, and Russian. I've pretty much memorized Spell-It and the Study Guide for rounds 2 and 3, but I'll go over those one last time right before we leave. I got through the entire list of roots once, and I'm going through them again. They definitely help, especially in spelling words that come from Greek and Latin. I can hardly wait for the bee. I'm eager to see the friends that will be returning, and also to compete again. I'm hoping to make the cut to Semifinals this year. Exciting news! The Today Show contacted Scripps and told them that they would like to do a segment on the spelling bee, following one speller through preparation and competition. Scripps decided I'd be a good fit! The reporter will be flying out to Minnesota next week. I don't know precisely when the segment will air, but it won't be until after the spelling bee. Wishing luck to all the spellers out there, ~Anja Beth