Thursday, June 3, 2010

Round 2


  1. Great job Anja Beth! THe Normandale community is rooting for you!

  2. Anja Beth: It's Sherri from Lockridge. We've been keeping track of your progress. Congratulations on making it through Round 3. Let us know if you make the Semifinals. The whole office is cheering for you.

    Best of Luck. Your friends at LGN!!

  3. Go AB! you rock - Heather

  4. Hi Anja Beth

    I saw you spell Beetewk live on Very exciting! Way to go! And congratulations on making it to the semi-finals! I am very impressed and proud of you. Cannot wait to see you on television.

    By the way, how come you don't say "howdy" to the moderator like some of the kids? I like the way he says "howdy" back to the contestants. It is very sonorous. Can you use sonorous in a sentence?

    Say “hi” to your family!

    Steve (and Ellie) Wolinski