Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Test Day!

Today was the big test! I'm not allowed to say much, but I think it went fairly well. I guess I'll find out tomorrow! By the way, I made a typo yesterday and said I'd know if I'm in the Semifinals tonight, but it's actually tomorrow. Today I got interviewed and filmed by ESPN. I'm pretty sure it will air at some point Friday during the Bee, but I'm not sure. I got to sit in a spinning, egg-shaped chair and be in a music video! It was a lot of fun. After the test, we walked around D.C. We took a tour of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, which was very interesting. I saw several hundred million dollars! We also visited the Holocaust Museum, which was very, very sad but also interesting. I'll see if I can post some of the pictures I took today. Tomorrow morning and early afternoon I'll be competing in the preliminaries, and at about 5:30 Eastern they'll announce the Semifinalists. You can watch round 3 of the preliminaries starting at 1:15 on I'm close to last in the first group, so I'll be spelling around 2:45 or so Eastern time. ~Anja Beth


  1. Good luck, Anja Beth!

  2. Anja Beth! That is so exciting! I'm so excited to hear how everything turns out! Good luck and I'm so proud of you!

  3. We're watching you online right now!! So cool. All your studying and hard work is showing. (Hannah is telling me to be careful typing so I don't misspell something)We're so excited for you and hope you are enjoying your trip to D.C. Good Luck! - the Drazans

  4. Good luck Anja Beth!! You'll do great!! Everyone here at VVMS wishes you luck!

  5. Hi Anja Beth! I'm sure you're doing great. That's so exciting that you got interviewed for ESPN and got to be in a music video!
    Good luck!
    ally (nelson)

  6. Ma chère Anja Beth,
    Je suis si fière de toi et je t'embrasse très fort. Bonne chance!

    Mme C-D